Center Post Parasols


  1. Enhance Separate Raised Airvent allows better air circulation, more stability
  2. Powder coated white Frame.
  3. Optional of Re-powder coating to another colour, woodgrain finish
  4. Stainless Steel Shaft, bolt, nuts & screws.
  5. Available in our standard sizes or specially tailored to fit your space up to 8m
  6. Wide variety of Fabric colour Choice.


Parks , Café , Public area , Exhibitions , Homes , Restaurant , Schools, Linkway, Carpark , ORA, etc...

Our Standard range of fabric used for all Francia® Shades are 100% Acrylic Fabric which is rot-resistant, oil & dirt repellent, flame retardant, high colour fastness ( UV protection )and with Scotchgard impregnation. This fabric has a water-impermeability of 800mm – 1000mm as compared to most other brands of acrylic fabric, which have a water-impermeability of 200mm – 300mm.

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